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 Mikko McKinnon

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Mikko McKinnon
Original Character

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PostSubject: Mikko McKinnon   Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:26 pm

Name: Mikko Rose McKinnon

Nick name: Meeks/Mickey/crazy/psycho

age: 25

affiliates: Foot clan/Purple Dragons

Looks: Mikko is a white female who is decorated in colorful tattoos. She has full lips and bright gray eyes that stare into your very soul. her smile could melt ice and she uses that power against men often. Mikko likes to dye her hair different colors. Sometimes it's blue, others it's purple. Her natural hair color is blond. She has many scars on her body and face from battles and fights. Her most obvious scar is the one that runs across her face. From her right cheek over her nose to her left eye.

Mikko's casual wear is short shorts and tank tops. but she is usually in her foot uniform. She keeps her hair pulled up in two pony tails so that it is easier to stuff in her hood.

Mikko's weapon of choice is duel Kamas. Though she can also use a sword and bo if she needed to. even out of uniform she is never without her weapons.

A brief history: ..Mikko was born on valentines day 1989. Her mother was a whore. I mean she was literally a whore. Her dad, was one of her mother's customers. Nine months and bam! Mikko popped out.

She was born in February. Her mother wasn't much of a mother. She still worked. She let guys come to the house and, for a fee, these men got to play with Mikko. Not in a good way. You would think that she would be in the hospital a lot, but no.Her Mother never brought Mikko to a doctor.

Mikko's mother left her. She just up and left the house. Mikko waited for her but she never came back. Neighbors found her alone in the house. She was starving and dirty laying in a filthy house. the neighbors called child serves and Mikko was picked up. What happen to her mother you might ask? Nothing. She just vanished no one ever heard from her since. "

Her journey in child serves started. She was lucky to be immediately taken in to a foster home. cute blonde head girl with dimples. Of course she was taken in. Who wouldn't want her? she did go through a shit ton of doctors though. it was horrible. But she soon found herself in a comfty home. She had a mother a father and a brother and a little sister. Mikko was six by this time, and had a bit of a temper. "

The home was nice. Mikko was the one that screwed it up. her sister and her didn't get along. She was four and wanted everything Mikko had. Mikko had never had anything before. No toys no food! Now she had it all and her sister wanted it. Mikko cut her fingers off. knives shouldn't be where a six year old can reach them.

So the family didn't keep Mikko. She was sent to a mental hospital for six months before she was sent to another foster home. Mikko wished that she never would have did that to her sister. Her life went to shit fast.

Once again she had a mother a father and an older brother. It only took a week for the abuse to start. Tod. or, daddy as he liked her to call him. Would come into her room every night. And well, I don't have to go into details here. If that was all he did, maybe she could have handled it. Maybe if he was the only one doing it she could have handled it. But Jon, her new brother who was sixteen would have his turn with her.

Not only was all this going, with, what she suspected was with her mothers knowledge, Mikko was locked in a small hall closet for days, she was beat for any little thing. there was a box that Tod use to lock her in and slide her under his bed at night. And the worst part, never once did she step in a class room. Child serves never came to check up on her. Nothing. she had no help.

This lasted for nine years. Oh you might be wondering how she learned to read and write and do math things. Well turns out, she's a fucking genus! she taught myself how to read, write, math, science. she learned that she's very good with machines too.

when Mikko was fifteen she was in her room. the time was around eight at night. Tod came in for his nightly visit. But this time Mikko was ready for him. She was sitting at her desk her back turned to him. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she spun around. she shoved a crayon in his eye, grabbed her back pack that she had packed everything in and jumped out the window.

Mikko was lost, on her own and no where to go. She lived on the street by herself for three months, for the most part she stood out of trouble. She stole what she needed to to live and bathed in a gym locker room. It was in this locker room that she got into her first real fight. A girl there noticed that Mikko was not suppose to be there. Rather then reporting her, this girl would take matters into her own hands. A fight broke out in the locker room. Mikko's instincts kicked in and she went into a blind rage. Mikko almost killed the girl with others watching on.

Frighten, Mikko quickly left the building, but she was being followed. One of the ladies that were watching cornered Mikko and gave her an offer. Join the clan, Mikko had heard of the foot clan from word on the streets. A gang of ninja ruled by some phantom. She wasn't sure if she was ninja meterial but with the promise of a place to live and food she agreed to at least go through the trial processes and if she didn't make it no loss.

Being in the foot tower was very intimidating. Everything seemed larger then life. there was old paintings and sounds of training everywhere. Mikko was brought to a room where she was to meet with the elite ninjas. Probably the scariest group of guys she had seen. She was there with other hopeful recruits. They ordered the new comers to stand in certain spots then pared them up. They would have to fight their way in before they could even come face to face with shredder.

Mikko kicked as much ass as she could. by the end of it she was bleeding and bruised. She was tired and just wanted to get out of there. Nothing was worth this. But she did make it to the next round.

Coming face to face with the leader of the clan was over whelming. This man was frightning it was no wonder Shredder got so many people to follow his orders. First there was a question. Why did she want to join the foot clan? It was a question she didn't really have an answer for. But she knew what ever she said it had better be good. So she came up with a good line about wanting to be part of something great and on a winning team and better herself things like that. It seemed to be enough to satisfy the man, she hoped. Then the physical part came. More test.

She failed them.

They all failed them. Every person who made it that far failed. Some gave up, some grew angry. Mikko just did her best and hoped it all worked out. In the end, through everything, even failing. Shredder saw something in her. Maybe it was her determination and can do attitude, maybe it was that even failing she tried again and kept a level head. Maybe Shredder just thought she was trainable. What ever the reason she was in.

Mikko took being in the foot clan very seriously. Ever job she had no matter how big or small she did it well. She grew to be respected among the clan's members and even befriended a foot named Lazarus.

Mikko and Laz became a team. They did a lot of missions together. They worked so well together that Shredder but them in charge of taking care of the Purple Dragon gang. What was their job? Their job was to accompany the gang while they worked. Make sure the thugs didn't get in over their heads. it wasn't the best job, not Mikko's proudest moment. but she still took it seriously.

Mikko follows orders and protects her targets. All the while hoping to one day become one of the elite. Now, ten years after joining. she's ready to move up the ladder.

Friends and enemies Mikko's best friend is Laz. well, as best of a friend as she can get. He also watches over the Purple dragons with her. They often hang out after work to eat and smoke and drink. Mikko, of course, had tried to get him in bed but he always turned her down saying he didn't sleep with fellow foot. It bummed Mikko out but didn't stop her from flirting. They also go on other missions together and Mikko has on a number of occations spent the night at his apartment (though she actually lives at the foot tower)

Her biggest enemy is Karai. Though she doubts Karai knows that. Mikko is jealous of her closeness to Shredder and the fact that she gets special treatment and all the good missions. Mikko never listened to anything Karai had to say much to Karai's aggravation.

likes: Killing people/fighting/sushi/rap music/small furry things/sex/her weapons

Dislikes: Karai/lack of sex/losing a fight/country music/roots showing/people in general

Her weapons

Sample post

I remember that it was musky that night. The air felt heavy. It was the kind of night that you just knew something bad was about to go down. I've tried to block out that night. I don't want to remember. I don't want to remember the helplessness. I don't want to remember how I failed my brother once again. He was better off with out me. I was a danger to him. I knew that. I should have let him go from the start. But I needed him. Still need him.

The wind was strong, it forced waves to toss the salty water onto the wooded docks. Light sprinkles of water would fall down on us adding to the chill. Everyone was there. All the guys, all got Gabe. Had it been anyone else, I would have laughed at the fact that it took so many to kill one man. But the one to die was the closet thing to family I had.

I remember seeing him there, on his knees. Beaten and bloody. He could hardly keep his eyes open. Part of me wished that he would died right then, I didn't want him to continue to suffer. I was able to convince Spike to let me say goodbye. He allowed it, probably one of the kindest things Spike has ever done for me.

I cut Gabe's hands free. Maybe he could get himself out of this. I had already called for help, but they hadn't arrived yet. So I held on to Gabe. My arms wrapped around him, not wanting to let go. As long as I could hold on to him then he would be alright. As long as I was here, he would live.


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PostSubject: Re: Mikko McKinnon   Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:57 pm

Hello again, Mikko! I see you've decided to bring your namesake over, always an interesting read. Now the history confuses me the most. For one, it's way short and more like a summary than actual history. Maybe it's just me, and I understand that Mikko is a new character for the site and you don't have a ton to work with. My argument for that is why not get crazy creative with her? I mean, you could make her very unique for this rp instead of just slapping some abuse stories together and letting that be that.

I just feel it's a missed opportunity. You could really write some great things for her and make her so different for this site. Not so different she's not your OC that you know and love but I mean establishing her in a more unique way to this forum. Along with that, she's Foot and protecting the PD? You made that bit very, very vague and didn't explain really anything about how that happened. Saki wouldn't just take anyone into the Foot, what did she do to convince him? Were there trials? Tests for her to compete in against other potential Foot soldiers? (Same with Laz, so keep this in mind when you work on his profile! Wink ) It's just so brief that everything happens in a blink with no explanation. I've seen you write, you're much better than this! Very Happy

If she isn't a Purple Dragon I wouldn't mention them in her affiliates; just keep it Foot Clan. Makes sense that way. I also noticed a lack of a personality section. You definitely need that because even though some of us are familiar with her, others who join might want to know more about her. So you need a personality section as well. If your 'friends/enemies' section is meant to substitute for personality then you definitely need to expand on that. Make her pop, she's your character and we want to know her better than just 'she was raised in a bad home and abused/she likes sex'.

Other than that, Appearance is fine, sample is very long but it's fine as it's just a sample of your work anyway. I don't see any other problems. So, I guess just work on going into more detail with her as a character as far as personality, history and comeuppance in the clan is concerned. Really get creative with this, it has a ton of potential and the possibilities could be fun to explore. You can do this! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Mikko McKinnon   Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:33 am

Looking good, Mikko. ^^ I do agree that you should add a personality section to give people an idea of what she's like, but I'm going to go ahead and approve your profile. Welcome to Origins and hope you have a blast!

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Mikko McKinnon
Original Character

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Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Mikko McKinnon   Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:35 pm

Mikko's song

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PostSubject: Re: Mikko McKinnon   

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Mikko McKinnon
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