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 Things about me.

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Leonardo Hamato

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PostSubject: Things about me.    Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:57 am


Who are you?:I am Leonardo. I am a mutant turtle. I am the Law. At least I like to think so.
How old are you?:That's a tricky question. Not sure when I was actually hatched. But we assume around 18 years old.
Natural hair color? I always thought I would make a good blonde, but sadly I have no hair.
Eye color? :Blueish.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?:I do. I have three younger brothers. And Then there is Casey he's like a brother, and April and Angel are like sisters.
Glasses/Contacts? :No I can see fine. And even if I did need glasses how would I get them? How would I know what prescription I wear? Donnie wears glasses, but honestly I think he does just try and look smarter.
Piercing? : No. What would I pierce? and rings could get in the way of fighting. could you imagine getting a ring pulled out!?
Tattoos? : Ah, now that I do have. Mike is pretty creative and Don's good with the homemade tattoo gun. i have a few simple tribal tattoos on my arm.
Braces? : Never. Again, how would I get them?
What's your height?:I'm over 6 foot. So pretty tall. Not the tallest of my brothers, but that's ok. they still all look up to me.
Are you a virgin?: Well this is getting a bit personal. Yes I am. i can't think of any girl who would be brave enough to sleep with me.
Who's your mate/ spouse?:I am alone in this world. But have my eye on someone.
Do you have any kids?:No. I don't know what I would do with a kid! probably...Forget it in the oven or something.
Have any secrets?:I do! I secretly want to do stand up comedy.


Color? :fringe
Song? : I don't listen to much music. Ummmm...I guess right now I'm really likeing the song Run by Awolnation.
Video game? Mortal kombat
Anime? :Hell girl. It's a beautiful anime.
Movie? : Kill Bill
Book? :I don't really have a favorite. Reading isn't really my thing.
Food? : Sushi when I can get it, other then that, pizza.
Animal?: Tigers
Cartoon? : i don't watch cartoons.


Play an instrument? :No
Like to sing? : I do
Have any special talents/skills? : Yes, I am skilled in kicking ass!
Exercise daily? : Of course
Love someone?:Uh...yes? Not sure what kind of Love we're talking about here.

Like school? : Don't know, never been.


Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? : I don't think I can wear shoes...but yes.
Speak any other languages? :A little Japanese
Go a day without food? : I can
Stay up for more than 24 hours? : I can do that too
Roll your tongue? : no
Eat a whole pizza? : I could, but Mike would never let that happen.


Snuck out of the house? : Not as often as raph has, but yes.
Cried to get out of trouble? :Never.
Gotten lost in your city? : That's happen once.
Seen a shooting star? : Yes, at the farm house.
Been to any other countries?:No not yet
Had a serious injury? : Many, I'm surprise I'm still alive.
Have you ever killed someone?:I have, but they had it coming.
Do you hate anyone?I don't really hate anyone, no.
Stolen something important to someone else? :i don't think so.
Solved a Rubik’s cube? :No.
Cried over a girl/ boy? :No
Hugged a random stranger? : Not that I can remember.
Been in a fist fight? : Yeah, it's kind of what I do.
Been arrested? :Nah, anyway I don't think I would fit in the back of a cop car.
Done drugs? :never
Had alcohol? : Yes. Don't tell Splinter.
Swore at your parents? :No, but I've been tempted.
Got kicked where it hurts? : getting kicked anywhere hurts!
Been in love? :Love is for fools!
Ran over an animal and killed it? : Ran over it with what? My roller blades?
Broken a bone? :Yeah that tends to happen when you fall off buildings.
Gotten stitches? : yep
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? Milk does not grow on trees! I would not waste milk like that.
Bitten someone? :I'm sure I've bitten my brothers when I was young.
Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? : Only in my dreams
Been to Niagara Falls? :What do you think?


Brushed your teeth? :it's a....been a while.
Took a shower?:few days ago, don't really shower though, I rather sneak out to the park and soak in the pond.
Had sex? : Every hour on the hour! *rolls eyes*
Saw a movie in theaters? : There's an old drive in that I can see from on of the taller buildings, I get no sound but I can watch the screen. haven't done that in a while though.
Read a book? : I read the art of war last, and that was months ago. Like I said, not much of a reader.
Had a black-out?:i don't remember
Tripped in front of someone? : I don't trip. I have perfect balance.
Got sick? :I also never get sick. If i got sick who would take care of things!?


Pants/shorts: None.
Winter break/spring break: Spring
Clouds/Clear sky:Clear skies. not that it matters we're not out during the day much anyway.
Moon/Mars: I like marsbars
Boy or Girl?:Uh. I don't think I understand the question.

LOVE LIFE…Oh these are going to be fun. not

Do you believe there is someone for everyone? I hope so, but I don't know
What was your first kiss like?I'll tell you when I get it
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:*shrugs*
What was your first sexual intercourse like?:You know, wet and sloppy
How old were you when you lost your virginity?:I haven't
Do you think love is a load of sh!t?:No, not really.
What’s the best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex?um...I accidently touched april's breast. that was nice.
Have you ever been dumped? :Who would dump me? I'm too loveable.
Have you ever dumped someone? No


Funny?:I think I am. But no one understands my humor.
Sarcastic? :I can be
Lazy? : Not at all
Hyper? :No I am very calm
Friendly? : of course
Evil? :To some I guess
Smart? :I like to think so
Strong? : very
Talented? :yes!
Dorky? :Not at all
Calm?: Mmmhmm


Sky dive? :I would!
Run away? :Never! we fight to the end!
Curse at a teacher? :probably not
Not take a shower for a week? : yes
Ask someone out? :maybe?


What kind of computer do you have?:The kind with buttons
What's your job?: To make sure my brothers don't kill themselves
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? : I don't waste food
How many posters do you have in your room? :two. one of a dragon and one of Harley Quinn
How many CD's do you have? : a few that I don't really listen to
What do you do to relax?:Meditate. Or head to the park for a soak
There's a person who's teasing you, what do you do?:Depends on who it is, but probably ignore them
Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/ he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him?A long thought out letter
Do you like your creator?:This is an odd question. Do you mean like a god? Or do you mean my player? or do you mean my birth mother? or do you mean the company reponsible for my mutation? I guess...yes?
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Michelangelo Hamato

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PostSubject: Re: Things about me.    Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:54 am

Very Happy

Dude we need to introduce you to more movies and music Razz

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Things about me.
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